Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alice is NOT in Wonderland

I remember it clearly....I drove into our driveway and all I see is this little brown hutch. It was dark out so I had thought it was a cabinet or a desk or something my husband was going to fix up.

Oh boy was I WRONG!!!

I got SJ out of the van and was carrying Bug and his carrier into the house when I hear those deadly words. 

"Momma it's a BUNNY!!!!"

What the!!! I thought she was joking but NOPE! There was a little white rabbit sitting in this little brown rabbit hutch. 

I see my husband smiling at me and giggling to himself because he knows there is more to come. I get inside and kindly smack him on the arm for bringing home ANOTHER animal. He tells me about how his dad was going to shoot her if we didn't take her. Did I care? Nope it wasn't my problem! 

He then drops the bomb on me.

And it was a huge bomb...well in terms of rabbits.

She's knocked up.

The bunny is going to have bunnies. 

In 31 days. 


At this point I am beyond upset because I have no clue how we are going to feed all of these animals. He is talking what I feel is a mile a minute about how she may not be able to keep any of them alive since this is her first litter and that she might not even be pregnant because we don't know for sure. He continues to tell me that he is going to butcher these bunnies and eat them.


I am now a vegetarian and will not be eating anything that has meat in it which my husband has prepared. There is NO way I could and will eat a little bunny that I helped raise. So what did I do after he tells me all this?

I post a status on Facebook that my husband is for sale because he brought home the pregnant rabbit. I got quite a few hilarious comments from my post, but nobody would purchase him. Mostly they were people laughing me and how we would have bunnies for Easter. 

Now I bet you are wondering why the name of this post is Alice is NOT in Wonderland. Well let's flash forage a few days where SJ decided that we should name that white bunny Alice. 

Of course we would name the white rabbit Alice. Come on what little kid who has seen Alice in Wonderland wouldn't name a white rabbit Alice?!? Except this is no wonderland for our rabbit. 

It might be since she gets rabbit feed, carrots, and parsley from the kids. 

Well 31 days later there are 11 little bunnies in a nesting box. They were the ugliest little things I have ever seen. They didn't have any fur and super long ear...of course since they are rabbits. 

I had to help my husband rotate baby rabbits (don't look that up on the internet I made the mistake when researching what to do) since she had so many. We were worried she wouldn't be able to nurse them all so we split the larger ones and smaller ones. 

I got attached to those little suckers

How could you not get attached to that cute little thing?!?! 

They were all just so adorable! 

There was one little rabbit that I got really attached to. It is a little black and white bunny. I'm not sure if it is a boy or a girl cause I cannot tell. My husband seems to think it is a boy though. 

This lil one liked to jump out of the nest a lot sooner than the hubby and I thought was a good idea. I would always have to put him back into the nest and make sure 5 minutes later that darn bunny wasn't out of the nest again. That bunny is now named Rebel. Totally a good fit for him/her. 

Now flash forward to two weekends ago....

My husband took 9 of the rabbits,  because one did not make it, out to my father in laws. He brought back a bunch of meat....

I was a little bit upset that all 9 of our bunnies are now meat in the freezer. Ok I am still upset about it. But come on you would be too! 

Have you ever had your significant other bring home an animal that you did not want at all then ended up being attached to? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it! 


  1. I can honestly say when my ex and I were together, I was the one bringing home the animals. I would be upset too if all those bunnies that I looked after became food. I instead, became attached to a cat that one of my clients were trying to give me (you can read about it if you want I had no intentions in bringing another animal home but the damn cat charmed me! LOL

    1. LOL! He gets attached to stray animals like cats and dogs. Thank goodness we don't live in the country or else I would live on a farm.