Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's this about?!?

Oh my goodness! Thank you for clicking whatever link you did to get here! It seriously means so much to me that you would take time to read this crazy shenanigans of a blog I am writing. Fun fact about me...my grandmother used to always say shenanigans so now whenever I hear it or even say it I think of her. Sometimes I am scared I am turning into my Irish Catholic Grandmother. Yup scary thought.

Anyway..... Mustaches and Princess what the heck does that have to do with each other? Um not a whole lot unless you are a mom of two boys (mustaches) and two girls (princesses). However I have been known to have those two titles mixed up at times. I have probably been judged for it too.

We as moms or even parents have very different parenting styles which way too many of us are judged for the choices we make. I will tell you I let my kids watch more TV than they should. I don't always make them eat their veggies cause I don't want to fight with them and to me it's not worth it somedays. I usually don't allow them to drink pop but that's cause I have such a horrible addiction to Vanilla Dt. Dr. Peppers that I don't want them to feel that ball and chain everyday. I believe that a Catholic education is the best for them. I believe that we are all here to inspire and lift each other up.

When I read the comments on social media or even talking to other parents it hurts my soul to hear the judgement. It sometimes makes me think about doing the exact opposite of whatever the "expert" is telling you. I seriously wouldn't do it cause I am not going off the deep end but I would think about it while I am envisioning tiny missiles pointed at their head. We all are just trying to tread through these tough waters.

My vision is for this blog to inspire even though we are different. I hope it will let you know we all are struggling and girl let me tell you I struggle when it comes to housework. I am not a tidy person! I hope you continue to come back for more.

If you do return a few things you should expect
1. Recipes both good and EPIC fails for me
2. Craft projects for toddlers and grade school children
3. Parenting "advice" and I use that term loosely cause it will just be me talking about what worked and didn't work.
4. Stories about some princess or lil mustache.
As well as many other things I have yet to come up with in my crazy brain I have.

You all can help me come up with many inspirations! I love to hear from you all! Leave comments, shoot me an email, or even a smoke signal. Wait I don't understand smoke signals so that may not work.....


  1. Fantastic!! And I agree, everyone's parenting style is different, as it should be, every child (even our own) are very different and require different approaches to parenting. And different doesn't mean wrong!!! Enjoyed your post and I will most definitely be back! Happy Friday!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I agree completely! All 4 of my kids are so different. Even though my parenting style is pretty much the same for all 4, I have to adjust it depending on what child I am with. I am glad you enjoyed my post! I will be looking forward to other comments from you. Have an amazing weekend.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to post about. Feel free to link up each week with me at Reflectionsfromme.com Mummy & Us Linky http://www.reflectionsfromme.com/being-a-parent-was-hard-today-mummy-us/ good luck with blogging, look forward to reading more

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and asking me to join in! I will be stopping by your blog for sure!