Friday, September 18, 2015

Kansas State Fair

This past week the Kansas State Fair has been going. It has always been a favorite past time of my family to go. 

When I was younger my dad and mom would take us on the first Friday night because it was free for us to get in. We would walk all the buildings and grab a bunch of free stuff we didn't need but thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Come on who doesn't want a salt cube that cows use? Shoot that was the! 

It actually taste like crap but we thought it was awesome! 

We would also see all the animals that they had there to win the blue ribbon. Honestly this is probably my favorite part of the fair. I don't know what it is because I could have just gone to my moms cousins farm in Salina and saw the same thing. Shoot I can drive down the street and see 20 cows. My backyard has chickens and rabbits for goodness sake. 

I told you all I am a Kansas girl. Or should I say I told ya'll I'm a Kansas girl. 

We also had dinner at whatever place we chose which usually ended up in us all wanting 5 different things. My parents didn't care though they did it for us. I usually got a Pronto Pup which is just a corn dog but 2,000 times better. You think I am joking come taste one and you will agree! However they are so bad for you. 

My parents also let us go one other day. It was always a Wednesday. It was also ride-o-Rama day. We paid for a bracelet  that would allow us to ride as many rides as we wanted. It was the amazing! 

When I was in high school my dad and step mother bought a fair booth with two other couples. It was called Messy Marvins. If I wasn't in school or volleyball practice I was at Messy Marvins. This is where I fell in love with fried pickle spears. 

OH MY GOSH these things are to die for! I have not found anything that taste like them since my dad decided it was the last year. Trust me I look every year for them and no one has come close to my first love. 

This year we took the boys on Monday during the day. It was dollar day so you get in for only a dollar vs the $10. We actually got in for free because we had a Dillion's card. Anyone who showed one got in for free. The boys were free because of how young they are. We took them to the pig races!!! It is D3's favorite and we have to see it every year. All it really is is 4 pigs running around a little race track to get an Oreo cookie which is at the end of the track as well as pig feed. Add a crazy announcer with some pig cheerleaders and you have a crazy fair event that every kid wants to see. Well not Bug but he doesn't understand what was going on and there were marching bands walking by that he would rather watch. 

One of my favorite things we saw that day was a Tiger show. There were 6 female tigers which did an arrange of different tasks for chucks of raw meat. Some of the tigers jumped boxes, dance, through hoops, and stand on their hind legs. The coolest tiger was the one who was walking on a tight rope. Seriously on a tight rope!!!! 

I was a little worried for the trainer running the show. One of those tigers was not very corporative and I was just waiting for her to do something. Thank goodness she didn't. 

After the tiger show was lunch and seeing some animals. D3 really enjoyed it because we went to the birthing center and a baby cow was just born. There was also baby sheep. Not going to lie but it was disgusting. The cow wasn't completely clean yet and there was still blood and fluids all over. 


So gross. 

We took the boys home after we saw the animals because Bug was getting sleepy so we thought it would be better to let him sleep than try to fight him. After SJ got out of school we walked to the fair grounds since her school is two blocks away. We let them ride a few rides since the rides were all one ticket. 

We then took the kids home so we could have a date night at the demolition derby. I have never been to a demolition derby so this was a new adventure for me! 

The hubby loved it! He wasn't getting into it like a lot of the people there were but he really enjoyed it. He told me he had no idea what was going on half of the time but he really enjoyed it. 

I am ready for the fair to be done. My allergies can't stand it because of all the dust and animals. 

It was a really good day and I am looking forward to next year! 

Do you have a favorite past time with your family? 

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  1. This sure looks fun. I loved taking my child to fairs and events like this before i became unwell. Glad you had a fab time and i imagine the birthing centre was very interesting.


    Angela from

    1. Oh it was so interesting! They actually have a cow that kids can learn what it feels like to help birth a calf. Gross and cool and the same time. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. That's a lovely post. I love how you passed on your favourite memories to your own family. It was humorously written too. I like your quirks. Poor little lamb and mother being watched by soo many eyes while trying to give birth! I'm sure it is amazing to watch but not by so many. Not such a good idea. I am very impressed with the Tiger on tight rope too. Oooo.... very nerves racking. :)

    1. Thanks! I love taking my kids every year. They love going as well so it is a nice day together. I will probably continue to go when I a 90 and in a wheelchair. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Sounds fab :) Love the idea of a pig race, and I agree that watching a live birth sounds more gross than beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    1. People will seriously sit there for hours hoping they get to see a cow born! It is so gross!!! I can't even handle the afterbirth when the momma is licking the baby clean. Ugh! Thanks for stopping by girl!

  4. The Melbourne show is on at the moment and I haven't been for years, I always loved going and seeing the animals I think I got sick of how commercial it got and expensive. I should give it another go. I know you say the newborn cow was gross but it sounds amazing. Thanks for linking up #mummyandus

    1. My son loved it! He thought it was the best thing in the world. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't like literally 5 minutes after it was born. Let it get cleaned up a little then I would have been ok! Thanks for hosting!!!

  5. That looks amazing! We have county shows but nothing quite like that. The pig race sounds fun! #mummy&us